"I will make this quick but not painless for you"

Black Panther is a Marvel Character,it´s another one that received a lot of requests to be put in as a new DLC character,and altough it´s not very likely that he will make in,i still think it would be nice to make him a moveset

I gotta say,this wasn´t easy to make,because i don´t know much of the character,unlike my Juggernaut previous concept and since he is a pretty complex character,i had to take some of his moves from Marvel Ultimate Alliance,but still making new ones


  • Panther Leap:Black Panther leabs on the air and if he grabs you,he will throw you in the air,leaving you open for air combos,this works in a way almost exactly like Sabretooth´s Wild Fang,except that Panther Leap throws him upwards,which is better for air combos
  • Energy Dagger:Panther shoots energy darts at the foe,they spread up,covering great parts of the screen,making them unscapable,they deal chip damage and have slow recovery time
  • Ebony Blade:Panther takes out his Ebony Blade and shields himself with it,countering any energy projectiles,curiosly,it can even counter energy attacks at close range or beam attacks
  • Hunt: Panther crouches in a feral way,then,with great speed,reaches the opponent and uppercuts them,this is a great surprise attack.
  • Spring Kick:Panther leaps foward,kicking twice the opponent and causing a wallbounce
  • Razor Cyclone(Level 1):Panther throws 4 waves of energy daggers,similar to Hyper Sentinel Force.
  • Blade of Death(Level 1):Panther takes out his Ebony Blade and starts a barrage of attacks with it,finishing it with a lunge foward
  • Slash And Dash(Level 1):Black Panther jumps on the opponent´s back and repeatadly slashes and punches their back before throwing them on the ground,leaping and landing with monstrous force

Dlc Costume

Black Panther AEMH
Black Panther from Avengers:Earth´s Mightiest Heroes

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