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    "I will make this quick but not painless for you"

    Black Panther is a Marvel Character,it´s another one that received a lot of requests to be put in as a new DLC character,and altough it´s not very likely that he will make in,i still think it would be nice to make him a moveset

    I gotta say,this wasn´t easy to make,because i don´t know much of the character,unlike my Juggernaut previous concept and since he is a pretty complex character,i had to take some of his moves from Marvel Ultimate Alliance,but still making new ones

    • Panther Leap:Black Panther leabs on the air and if he grabs you,he will throw you in the air,leaving you open for air combos,this works in a way almost exactly like Sabretooth´s Wild Fang,except that Panther Leap throws him u…

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  • Bitch,please

    The Memevengers

    January 8, 2012 by Bitch,please
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  • Bitch,please

    "I´m the Juggernaut,you will know what it means after i´m done with ya"

    The Juggernaut is one of the most famous Marvel characters,having first appeared in X-Men #12,and become one of the X-Men most famous and persistant enemies.It has also came to clash with other Marvel heroes like Spider-Man,Hulk,etc.

    Since his debut during the Silver Age of Comic Books the character has appeared in over four decades of Marvel publications,being always portrayed as an X-Men villain and a foe of Professor X

    Pre-Fight Dialogues:

    vs Hulk:"I,m the strongest there is,giant fruit"

    vs Spider-Man:"You are always getting in my way,huh,Spider-Idiot"

    vs Wolverine:"Hey short round,let´s see if those bones are really unbreakable"

    vs any X-Men character except Deadpool and M…

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