Ultron makes his first appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. He makes a deal with Sigma and they both fuse to become Ultron-Sigma.

Story Edit

In Story Trailer 1, Ultron and Sigma fuse to become one. They seem to have possession of the Space Infinity Stone and the Reality Infinity Stone. They seem to siege Asgard with a robot army. When Thor, the Avengers, and many Capcom heroes such as Chris Redfield, X, and Strider Hiryu, try to take back Asgard (called Xgard following invasion), Ultron-Sigma comes and fights them all, seemingly taking them all down effortlessly.

Appearance Edit

Ultron's apperance is the same from the one in the 2013 Marvel comic book storyline "Age of Ultron" (not the same story as the Avengers movie that borrowed the name).

He is a metallic android that has orange highlights around his body that also make the facial features on his head. He also has spikes on his fingertips which can be utilized for slashing opponents.

Gameplay Edit

Ultron can fire lasers out of his eyes and also call in a giant laser from out of sight. He can summon a minion to the field to attack the opponent. He mainly uses his claws to attack and launch enemies.

His first Hyper Combo shoots two crossing lasers in front of him and can be done in the air.

 Quotes Edit

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Edit

Victory Edit

  • "I am the summit of perfection in this universe!"

Victory Text Edit

  • "Innovation is the ultimate weapon!"
  • "I was designed to save the world. How about I remake it instead?"
  • "I am the One True Lord of the Machines! Bow down before me!" (to Zero)
  • "Hope is a false delusion! You're all just puppets to me."

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