Ultronknown to be a major villain of the Marvel comic Avengers, is an upcoming antagonist for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Originally first appeared as one of the Marvel character cards for Heroes and Heralds Mode in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Name Ultron
Gender None (Male Programming
Weapon/Power Super strength

Durability Intelligence Regeneration Energy Blasts Transfer consciousness to backup bodies and locations

Affiliation Neutral-Evil
First Appearance Avengers #55 (1968)
Voiced By Jim Meskimen
Company Marvel


Ultron was first created by Hank Pym as part of his experimentation in the field of highly intelligent robotics. However his intelligence resulted in his rebellion against his creator, brainwashing Pym into completely forgetting Ultron. The robot proceeded to begin upgrading himself, advancing from Ultron-1 to Ultron-5. Under the persona of the Crimson Cowl, he formed the second incarnation of the Masters of Evil and took on the Avengers.

Afterwards, Ultron spent most of his time working solo due to his genocidal attitude towards humans. At one point, he created Vision, a “synthezoid” whose body was a copy of the first Human Torch and mind was based on the Wonder Man, but ironically, he eventually became a prominent member of the Avengers. As time went by, Ultron was destroyed numerous times, but he had rebuilt himself every time, often giving himself a new number to reflect this.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although Ultron's powers, by default, include energy blasts, superhuman strength, durability and intelligence, he gains additional abilities depending on the host he uploads his consciousness into.

Gameplay Edit

Ultron possesses an 8-way air dash, glide and has use of combo-able command grabs in the ground and in the air. Ultron also has a special move to call his own assist during the fight, similar to Sabretooth in previous titles.


  • It is highly possible that Ultron uploaded his consciousness into Sigma's body or vice versa to create Ultron-Sigma
  • The first account of Ultron absorbing any Infinity Stone was when Ultron (Earth-12041) was able to absorb the power of all Infinity Stones via the possession of Arsenal , one of Tony Stark's personal androids designed to absorb massive amounts of energy

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