Tricell Laboratory

Tricell Laboratory

"Scientists carry out various experiments in this laboratory."
Heroes and Heralds Mode description

Tricell Laboratory is one of the Capcom stages in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The stage takes place inside a laboratory owned by TRICELL, the primary antagonist company in Resident Evil 5.

The stage is set inside a laboratory housing many of Tricell's secret experiments. The area overlooks two large, three-tiered structures made of metal, housing several containment tubes with B.O.W.s inside them. The base of both structures is a square glass cell containing several Lickers, who spend the battle crawling all over it. In the center of the stage, between the two structures, stand a tall containment tube holding a Tyrant, and several more behind it.

The stage has an unique feature: striking enemies against the ground from very high altitudes or using certain ground-striking Hyper Combos (such as Haggar's Giant Haggar Press or Phoenix Wright's Order in the Court) sends out a shockwave which cracks the Licker's glass cell. Performing the action a second time breaks the glass entirely, setting off an alarm and releasing the Lickers, which will then crawl back and forth around the background. If standing near the characters when certain Hyper Combos are performed, the Lickers can actually be killed, and they will disappear leaving one of the healing items from Resident Evil behind.

Chaos at TricellEdit

Chaos at Tricell

Chaos at Tricell

Chaos at Tricell is the stage's alternate version introduced in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The stage is set on the same location, but now in a ruined state. The metal structures and nearby support beams are all destroyed, the containment tubes are broken apart and none of the B.O.W.s are visible anywhere. The background and part of the structures are also set on fire. There are also several healing items such as Green Herbs and First Aid Sprays scattered on the background.


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