Tiger Uppercut
Tiger Uppercut
User Wesker
Hits 1
Damage 120,000
Execution AS RS+Attack button
Properties Invincible, Counter

The Tiger Uppercut AKA Shoukou Shouda (昇甲掌打, Rising Shell Palm Strike) in Japanese, is Albert Wesker's special reversal attack. If Wesker is hit during the counter's pose, he counters different attacks depending on which attack button is used. Each pose has him place his following arm behind himself while he holds out his leading hand as it glows with an eerie purple color.

The L version counters normal and high physical attacks with Wesker putting his leading hand up front. He counters by fading away via a backward lean and warps behind his opponent, performing his standing S (the actual Tiger Uppercut). Due to this, he can followup with standard launcher air combos/aerial raves upon a successful trigger. This version is the most difficult to punish and the most practical one to land.

M counters low attacks with Wesker holding his leading hand out low, and counters by leaping into the air via a sideways turn, then fades away towards behind the opponent to palm strike them (almost similar to his Cobra Strike). This version causes wallbounce on hit, but it can be blocked with quick reaction.

Last but not least, H counters beams & projectiles with Wesker holding up his leading hand towards the foreground and faces away from his foe (with his hand glowing green instead). Wesker counters by ducking down into a prowling stance, then dashes behind his foe to strike them with a backwards shoulder lean (via Chinese-styled martial arts). Like the M version, this can also be blocked with quick reaction, but also provides the same wallbounce hit effect.


  • Tiger Uppercut happens to be the same name as the anti-air attack of Sagat, an anti-hero of the Street Fighter series. Wesker has another move titled "Jaguar Kick," which also happens to be a move of Adon, a former pupil of Sagat.
    • However, in this game, the animation for Wesker's Tiger Uppercut is his standing S launcher and the counter animation for his L version of this special move. Tiger Uppercut here is used as a name placeholder.

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