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The first MvC game youve played

  • My first game was Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter.

    Which game dis you play first???

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    • Marvel Vs Capcom 2

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    • (first off, forgive my horrid spelling) I was late to the series, my first was UMvC3, I heard about the series a year before I actually played the game. I stumbled upon MvC3's trailer and I was in love. I soon found out about the other games, and the love grew. The only problem: The games are hard to find, it took me a whole year to find one of the games. I found UMvC3 and played it with my nephuwes, (totally worth the $30) Unfourtantly the disc was messed up and it quit working a few days after I got the game. So I had to take it back, but I finally got a taste of MvC and knew I had to get ALL of the games. So I have it my mission to find each game, MvC Origens - UMvC3. 

      Side note, this series got me into Capcom and reignited my love for Marvel.

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    • Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was my first game that I found as an arcade machine. After a little pratice I was good at beating everybody because all they did was spam, then I bought UMvC3 and lost it BEFORE playing somehow! I'm trying to buy Origins when I have the chance. 

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    • I'm pretty sure it's X-Men Vs. Street Fighter when i was a kid & still not fully learn the manual, including the manual of using computer for internet search

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    • MvC3 Vanilla

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    • I don't remember which was first, but I played both Marvel Super Heroes and X-men vs Street Fighter in an arcade that was close to my house, I do remember reaching Thanos in MSH with Juggernaut and my brother helping me finish the game, and said brother beating the hell out of me in X-MENvSF. The arcade later set up MvC 1 but I could never beat Gambit or Chun-Li if they were in a later stage or right before Ounslaught.

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    • A Fandom user
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