Thor returns to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. When his city is sieged and fused with the Capcom universe by Ultron Sigma, he gathers allies to attempt to take back the city.

Story Edit

Thor is with the many heroes that are combating Ultron-Sigma. He fights alongside Arthur. While some heroes infiltrate the castle and free Thanos, Thor and Spencer attempt to take down Ultron-Sigma, but fail. They escape with Doctor Strange back to Avengers/Stark tower to form a plan with Thanos' help.

Quotes Edit

Intros Edit

  • "Do not steal my opportunity to fight! We shall fairly take turns in battle!"
  • "Know that if thou dost betray me, this alliance shall be null." (if Thanos is a teammate)

Victory Edit

  • "A king cannot let himself be defeated!"

Victory Text Edit

  • "Thou didst not reckon on the might of Thor!"
  • "An Asgardian's will knows no bounds!"

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