The Temple of Fists XvsSF

X-Men vs. Street Fighter version

The Temple of Fists is one of the stages in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Although the stage is an original creation, it appears to be inspired by the many stages set on Thailand in the Street Fighter series, which feature a large Buddha statue on their background.

The stage takes place in an unknown forest area, in front of a large golden statue of Buddha. The area is surrounded by a dense forest, with a large pagoda (presumably the "temple of fists" in the stage's name) visible in the distance. At the left side of the screen lies a small outdoors restaurant, while there's a lone tree and a smaller Buddhist statue on the right of the Buddha. Two deer in the background observe the battle taking place.

The Temple of Fists MSHvsSF

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter version

In Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, the stage received some notable changes. The palette was brightened a bit, setting the stage at early in the morning rather than at daylight. A second tree was added replacing the small Buddhist statue on the right, and it and several of the ones in the distance feature cherry blossoms. The pagoda in the background is now fully golden in color, and the outdoors restaurant appears closed. Finally, the deer appear resting instead of standing up.

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