Cliff of Desolation day

The Cliff of Desolation

The Cliff of Desolation is one of the stages in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. This stage takes place in a mountainous area at an unknown location.

The stage is set at a clifftop above the clouds, overlooking several other mountains at the distance. The only element of note is a large, triangular-shaped rock standing at the right side of the stage. The location starts with a clear sky at day, and as the round passes the stage transitions from day to sunset, and finally to night with lightning strikes.

Zangief's ending takes place in this location, as the Russian wrestler activates his Iron Body and challenges Blodia to a fight that ends in a big explosion visible from space.



Spider-Man vs. Morlun

  • This is the only stage in Marvel vs. Capcom which appears to be an original creation, being apparently not based or inspired by a Marvel or Capcom location.
  • The Cliff of Desolation appears in the Spider-Verse comic book event as the location where the Vs. series incarnation of Spider-Man faces and is killed by Morlun.

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