The Cataract XvsSF

X-Men vs. Street Fighter version

The Cataract is one of the stages in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Although not confirmed, the stage may take place in the Savage Land, an X-Men location.

The stage is set within a lush tropical jungle in broad daylight. The area is surrounded by dense vegetation and overlooking a cliffside. Several plants are scattered all over the front and back, most noticeably two plam trees crossing over at the center of the stage. Several vines can be seen hanging from the top, and the namesake cataracts are visible far away.

The Cataract MSHvsSF

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter version

In Marvel Super Heros vs. Street Fighter, the stage's palette was changed in order to give the area a more exotic feel and atmosphere, with the sky turned a deep purple and the surrounding vegetation taking on a darker shade of green.

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