MvC3 HsienKo screen01
User Hsien-Ko
Meter Cost


Hits 8-15


Execution Qcb+Attack x2


Properties OTG

"You're gonna get hurt! TENRAIHA!"

Tenraiha (Heaven Thunder Crusher) is one of Hsien-Ko's Hyper Combos, Hsien-Ko drops an anvil, raining down spiked balls to all over the opponent, damaging them and assists who try to close in. Can damage downed opponents, preferably against corners.


  • This hyper is ideally put at the end of combos.
  • This is one of the few hypers that hits overhead, meaning that the opponent has to block high to avoid getting hit. As such, assists that hit low can help improve the chances of Tenrai Ha hitting your opponent.
  • After the hyper's animation is finished you can follow it up with Hsien-ko's other super, Chireitou.
  • Tenraiha can be looped continously as long as you have meter. In order to do this, as soon as the animation of the first Tenraiha ends, use Henkyo Ki H. and cancel it into another Tenraiha. Repeat the process again after the second and so on and so forth. Doing a Tenraiha immediately after another Tenraiha causes the opponent to roll out.

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