Spider man
Spider Man
Name Peter Benjamin Parker
Gender Male
Voiced By Patrick Chilvers
Company Marvel


Move Name Input
Web Ball Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Punch
Web Throw Arcade Stick HCB+Punch
Web Swing Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCB+Kick
Spider Sting Arcade Stick S+Punch
>Spider Bite during Spider Sting Punch
Maximum Spider Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Punch x2, DPAD2 to direct
Crawler Assault Arcade Stick QCF+Kick x2
Ultimate Web Throw Arcade Stick QCB+Punch x2

Theme SongEdit

Marvel vs Capcom OST 11 - Spider Man's Theme02:13

Marvel vs Capcom OST 11 - Spider Man's Theme


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