Book of Vishanti

Spell of Vishanti being unleashed

The Spell of Vishanti is one Doctor Strange's Hyper Combos. Doctor Strange quickly summons a giant column projectile from the ground beneath the opponent. This ability can be performed in the air or on the ground and hits OTG. Spell of Vishanti auto-tracks and unlike most hypers in the game, it will still come out even if Doctor Strange is hit, making it an incredible punishing move and possibly the most useful Level 1 hyper in the game. Pressing buttons multple times will double the hits and increase the damage significantly. The Vishanti is a union of three principalities (mystical deities) in which Doctor Strange draws most of his power from as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Input Damage Special Properties
Qcf+Attack button 2x

Unmashed: 264,200

Mashed: 317, 400

Level One, Air OK, OTG, Auto-Tracking, Mashable

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