Sigillo del Servo (Italian for Signet of the Servant), otherwise known by its original name in the Japanese versions as Prova di Servo (プロヴァ=ディ=セルヴォ, Purova=di=Seruvo; Italian for Proof of Servant) is Jedah's Level 3 Hyper Combo, and one of his classic Level 1 EX Moves from his home series. Jedah summons a blood hand to grip away at his opponent, which then violently thrashes them about within its grip, but not before slamming them into a nearby image formed into a giant written paper contract, which causes them to be sealed inside it while having their soul (or a portion of it fly out of them and then into Jedah's revealed innards in order to consume it. The contract texture is ripped straight from Vampire Savior, down to the header graphic of the contract which is a flipped sprite of the left tile.

The unblockable attack is the same as in Vampire Savior, except the attack must now be done up-close in front of the enemy; in a sense, the move is now a command grapple, instead of a controllable grab where Jedah could previously pull off the move from a distance, requiring an input with another button press to connect the attack.

The contract no longer persists in the stage if he defeats an enemy using this move, but the 3D version in Infinite faithfully recreates the move, scroll, and the stamping motion of using the actual body of the enemy as the stamp to the contract.

Of curious note is that the chime from his home game, Vampire Savior, when you insert credits, plays as the bloodied hands slam the body of the enemy onto the contract.

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