Move Name Input
Stone Smash Arcade-Stick-Down+H kick
Mystic Stare Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Punch
Mystic Smash Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Kick
Devitalization Arcade Stick HCB+Kick
Chaos Dimension Arcade Stick QCF+Punch x3+H punch / H kick/M punch/M kick

Theme Songs

Marvel Super Heroes Music - SHUMA GORATH Stage02:33

Marvel Super Heroes Music - SHUMA GORATH Stage

Marvel Super Heroes Music - SHUMA-GORATH Winning01:06

Marvel Super Heroes Music - SHUMA-GORATH Winning


Post-Match Quotes

  • All shall know the power and pain that is SHUMA-GORATH!
  • I am the void that consumes all hope! Tremble and despair!
  • No one can stand against my tentacled fury!
  • Your suffering cries are music to me.
  • My power is supreme! No one can challenge me! (win with high energy)
  • Your struggles amuse me, but my powers are too precious to waste here! (win with high energy)
  • For the pain you have caused me, I will feast on your immortal soul! (win with low energy)
  • Taste the inky blackness that is your defeat! (win with low energy)
  • Remember well, when you fight yourself, you are always victorious! (mirror match)


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