Showdown in the Park XvsSF

X-Men vs. Street Fighter version

Showdown In The Park is one of the stages in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

The stage is set in the middle of a park at an unknown city. The characters fight on a path of rocks in the middle of a lake, overlooking several large bushes and part of the larger lake. A small bridge and a lot of plants adorn the background, with several buildings visible on the distance.

Showdown in the Park MSHvsSF

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter version

In Marvel Super Heros vs. Street Fighter, the stage's palette was brightened to turn daylight into morning, and clouds were added. Most of the vegetation on the background is yellowish, indicating the stage is going through autumn. The ground the characters fight on is now a wooden bridge, and the buildings were removed from the background. A small crowd can be seen far in the distance near the bridge, and four characters cameo in the rocks near the lake: Charlie, Rose, Rogue and Gambit. Similar to the Death Valley stage, playing as Shadow in this stage removes Charlie from the background.

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