Shouryuken (Rising Dragon Fist) - A fierce rising uppercut in a spiraling motion with some horizontal movement in which Ryu rockets upwards whilst performing a spinning uppercut that knocks his opponent to the ground.

Ken's version of the Shoryuken envelopes his fist in flames and does a few more hits than Ryu's, though without the knockback factor.


Arcade Stick S+Punch

Shoryu ReppaEdit

The Shoryuu Reppa (昇龍裂破, lit. Rising Dragon Rending Blast) is a series of two or three Shoryuken that progressively cause more and more damage to an opponent each time he is hit. It was introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This attack is used mainly by Ken, but many other characters have created their own versions of this attack, sometimes through parody as well.

Arcade Stick QCF+Punch x2


The Shinryuken (神龍拳, lit. Divine Dragon Fist) is a powerful Shoryuken that corkscrews vertically into the air, causing a vacuum effect of damage that sucks in the opponent and strikes him multiple times. It was developed by Ken, the only user of this move. Ken created this attack to honor Gouken. The number of hits can generally be increased by tapping the attack buttons. In the Marvel Vs. Capcom games, flames are created from this attack at a high magnitude.

This move appears in a largely altered form as Ken's Ultra in Street Fighter 4, where he follows up with a Shouryuuken that must hit point blank on the ground for the rest of the animation (otherwise he will do a normal Shinryuuken), where he then follows up with a dance of rapid kicks and a final blow that is the Shinryuuken itself.

Tumblr llok9rTNnz1qecvqjo1 250Arcade Stick QCF+Kick x2, Arcade Modifier TapKick for more hits