"Seven Rings of Raggador!"
—Dr. Strange

Seven Rings of Raggador is a Projectile Counter Hyper. Upon hit Strange fires a large beam of blue energy that will completely nullify the opponent projectile and hit them. Once the beam is activated, Strange will remain invincible for the entire animation, making it completely safe should the beam miss.

Input Damage Special Properties
AS QCB+Attack button 2x

Unmashed: 300,000

Mashed: 360, 000

Level One, Mashable, Projectile Counter


  • Smart use of this hyper will shut down the zoning of projectile-based characters like Arthur or Ryu, making their tactics more easily punishable.
  • To add to its usefulness, the hyper also has frames of invincibility in the beginning of the animation. It is also possible to rapidly press buttons in order to increase the hyper's damage.
  • A disadvantage of this move is that Strange is left very vulnerable when the counter is not activated so it should be used carefully.
  • This can be activated via Viewtiful Joe's Shocking Pink assist.


  • With this Hyper, Doctor Strange is the only character in the roster to be able to explicitly counter any projectile in the game, including hypers.


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