Saotome Cyclone

Saotome Cyclone (サオトメサイクロン, Saotome Saikuron) is one of Jin Saotome's Hyper Combos.

A stronger version of Saotome Typhoon. Jin creates a big flaming cyclone which only needs to hit once to do full damage; if hits, it causes the opponent to get stuck on the giant tornado as it carries them into the sky at a high height; landing it or missing with it will have Jin enter a brief recovery state which makes it a bit difficult to follow up from and allows him to easily get punished.

However, this is Jin's most powerful Hyper Combo, especially in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 where it receives a massive damage buff. It also it covers the whole vertical portion of the screen, though using it in a combination such as a Crossover/Variable Combination may lead to Jin stealing hits away from his team members' other Hyper Combos.

Tactics Edit

  • A great punishing tool for anyone with a command air attack, such as Wolverine.
  • Hulk's Gamma Crush can be punished with this move, but only in the right timing.

Gallery Edit

Also SeeEdit

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