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Rolling Buckler and its possible finishers

The Rolling Buckler is possibly Felicia 's signature move. She rolls up into a ball and charges towards her opponent like a buzzsaw. Depending on which button is pressed, she'll finish it with one of three moves: a punch with the light attack, a slide kick that hits low with the medium attack, or a rising slash that can also serve as an anti-air move with the hard attack. If no input is made, Felicia will bounce away upon impact.

It is highly recommended to end it with a finisher when doing the Rolling Buckler as getting bounced off will leave her slightly open to attack.

In MvC3, this is a great way to end a ground combo and possibly set up for an aerial rave as well. The slide will hit high blocking enemies, which can be quickly followed up with an additional attack, a launcher, or cancelled into a Hyper Combo.

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