Rising Sun
Vergil rising sun
Rising Sun
User Vergil
Hits 2
Damage 50,000+80,000
Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack light
Properties Spin Knockdown, Air Recovery

Rising Sun, or Nichirinkyaku (日輪脚, Day Ring Leg) in Japanese, is one of Vergil's special moves. Vergil launches the opponent into the air with two rising kicks using Beowulf. Rising Sun is an integral part of Vergil's combos. Inputting H right after the second kick hits causes Vergil to perform Trick back down to the ground. You can use the Trick cancel as a means to cut Rising Sun's recovery time, allowing for a combo. If Rising Sun is blocked, perform Trick for a quick getaway. Only extremely quick attacks can punish the teleport.

During Devil Trigger, the hitbox on Rising Sun is increased dramatically, making it more viable to be used on it's own.


  • You can followup Rising Sun with an airborne Dimension Slash.
  • Upon Trick's recovery, immediately super jump forward with air M, H, S into a ground bounce for a continued combo opportunity.
  • Cancel out of Stinger into Rising Sun to keep Stinger safe if blocked.

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