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Repulsor Blast
Repulsor Blast
User Iron Man
Hits 5

81,700 ~ 122,600

Execution Arcade Stick QCB+Attack

Projectile, Soft Knockdown

Repulsor Blast is one of the special moves of Iron Man. He summons a large energy ball with long streaks of energy stretching in certain areas. This move is useful for zoning. This is also performed by War Machine. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Iron Man can follow up with a Repulsor Spread by pressing H.

Attack Power Description
Attack light

Quickest start-up, lowest damage

Attack medium

Medium of the two

Attack h Highest damaging version of this move, but the longest start up

Repulsor SpreadEdit

Repulsor Blast
Repulsor Blast
User Iron Man
Hits 1


Execution Attack hard During Repulsor Blast

Projectile, Hard Knockdown

Iron Man causes the Repulsor Blast to explode, causing an enlarged hitbox which causes hard knockdown. It is also used to make the Repulsor Blast safe as Repulsor Spread pushes Iron Man back a bit.

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