Rage Whip
Umvc3 ghost rider
Rage Whip
User Ghost Rider
Hits 1
Damage 95,000
Execution Attack h during std. Attack h

Rage Whip is a followup attack to Ghost Rider's standing heavy, which pulls the opponent a bit closer. Rage Whip can be canceled into any of Ghost Rider's special moves, and is used in all of his BnB combos. Since standing H produces a large amount of hitstun, giving you plenty of time to hit-confirm into Rage Whip. A guarded Rage Whips gives you +3 frames of advantage and still pulls in your foe.


  • Canceling standing H into Rage Whip can be delayed extremely late to create a basic frame trap; if your opponent attempts to do anything but guard between a guarded standing H and a delayed Rage Whip, they'll be caught with the second attack.
  • You can use the same tactic when canceling Rage Whip into specials. Change up your timing to throw off your opponents.

Also SeeEdit

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