User Dormammu
Damage 120,300 (35,000 x 4)
Execution AS S+Attack button
Properties Projectile, OTG

Purification creates a tower of energy that reaches vertically to the top of the screen from the opponent's feet. Purification takes up a large chunk of Dormammu's zoning capabilities since it is relatively wide and appears quickly once the start up animations are complete. This move does not track; what button is pressed, depends on where it will appear. Light is right in front of him, Medium is in the middle of the screen and Heavy reaches at the opposite end of the screen. Purification H hits farther then Dark Hole H, making it a player's main way to hit full screen opponents. Typically, this move is used to stop opponents when a player predicts them moving in towards them. The weakness of this attack lies in its slow start up and recovery, as a misplaced or dodged Purification can be easily punished.


  • You can pick up downed opponent's with a Purification tower, and cancel into a Chaotic Flame. You must cancel it on the first hit or it will miss.
  • Launch a Stalking Flare right after a Purification to give your opponent little room to dodge. Use this time to charge up Dark Spells.

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