Power Slash
Power Slash
User Amaterasu
Damage 80,000

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack

Properties Projectile

Power Slash is one of Amaterasu's special moves.

Amaterasu summons a paper with a line on it.

Attack Power Description
Attack light

Right in front of her

Attack medium

Slightly above her

Attack h Above her, like an anti-air.


  • Power Slash H is used in conjunction with Veil of Mist to put the opponent on defense.
  • Use this with Power Slash H for some crazy mix-ups.
  • Use all verisons of Power Slash with the Devout Beads for some strong zoning tactics.
  • End your blockstrings with Power Slash L in the corner or Power Slash M mid-screen
  • The kanji when hit/blocked means "behead" or "murder"

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