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Order in the Court
Order in the Court
User Phoenix Wright
Meter Cost One
Damage 250,000
Execution Qcb+Attack x2
Properties OTG

"Order in the court! OBJECTION OVERRULED!"
—Spoken by the Judge during Order in the Court

Order in the Court is one of Phoenix Wright's Hyper Combos.

This hyper is only available in Courtroom Mode and Turnabout Mode. The Judge appears in his shadowy gigantic form from Wright's nightmare, and slams his gavel onto the stage floor, creating a large shockwave. Upon usage in Courtroom Mode, Wright returns to Investigation Mode and any bad evidence in his possession is removed.


  • This move may hit Phoenix Wright as well; luckily, he takes no damage from the hit, but it puts him in a knockdown state. However, the knockdown state can be Air X-Factored out of.
  • This super has a ton of invincibility, making it useful for punishing, or DHCs.


  • This Hyper is a reference to the second Ace Attorney game, where Phoenix has a recurring nightmare in which he faces a giant scary version of the Judge, who crushes Phoenix beneath his gavel.
  • This is one of two Projectile Hypers which will trigger Doctor Strange's Seven Rings of Raggador, but will keep the character safe from the triggered beam. Even if Order in the Court activates the Seven Rings, the beam will not hit Wright due to the hyper also knocking him down. Arthur's For The Princess! is the other Projectile Hyper with the same effect.

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