Onslaught stage


Onslaught is one of the Marvel stages in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. The stage is located on Manhattan and is based on the final confrontation against Onslaught on his story arc from the comic books. This is the final boss stage.

The stage takes place on a raised platform overlooking the city of Manhattan during midnight, below a starry night with a full moon. The city is under attack, and several buildings on the background can be seen set on fire. The stage is small and pretty much empty of details outside a satellite-like construct found at the right side. Onslaught is faced here as the game's final boss in his two forms.

As the final stage in Arcade mode, several character endings are set on this place either as they confront the remains of Onslaught's psychic energy (Jin Saotome, Hulk), leave the area after defeating him (Strider Hiryu, War Machine, Mega Man, Roll) or discuss the events that had unfolded (Spider-Man, Venom, Wolverine). The endings for Lilith-Style Morrigan and Shadow Lady also happen here.

This stage is also the default training stage in the console ports.

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