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Name Norimaro Toujou
Gender Male
Weapon/Power Clumsiness, various everyday objects, Good luck
Affiliation Hero
First Appearance Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Game Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Creator and Owner Noritake Kinashi

Norimaro, sometimes called Norimaru, is a secret character in the Japanese versions of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, an original and extra character that doesn't represent Marvel or Capcom. He portrays a nerdish, cowardly schoolboy-type guy armed with a camera who corresponds to the profile of "misfit"; he throws common school items such as rulers and folders, mini-Gouki dolls, and plushies as projectiles; and would attempt to ask for his opponent's autograph mid-battle (can be seen when the player presses the START button during a match, being aware that he is fighting against a famous hero). But despite this comic relief facade, he is a pretty decent character to play with, and has some of the most powerful moves in the game. Norimaro is created and owned by Noritake Kinashi, a real-life japanese comedian, who also voices him in the game. After he was created, he had no name, and there was a contest to decide his name, with "Norimaro" as the winner, suggested by Akiman, one of the game designers.

Norimaro is a bizarre and surreal fighter, awkward and ungainly-looking, capable of launching all kinds of objects to his opponents or to transform into other characters through costumes.


Since he only appeared in one game, not much is known about Norimaro. However, it is known that he is a Japanese "otaku", somewhat clueless and a big fan of the fighter Chun-Li. He is also well versed in Marvel comics characters. His true intentions are hidden, but is believed that he introduced himself at the battle of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter to take pictures of her, and probably also take snapshots of other superheroes. It seems that Norimaro is aware that the Marvel heroes (Spider-Man, Captain America) have come out of a comic, as when he meets Apocalypse says that "He seemed bigger in the comic."


Norimaru was influenced and designed by a Japanese comedian from Tokyo. The comedian was invited to Capcom on a daring adventure to create a new character for the series that was all documented on a Japanese comedy show. His appearance is based on the stereotypical japanese nerds. He looks like a typical Japanese student armed with a camera. His hair is shaved and he has big glasses. His clothes are a purple school uniform that has a nameplate attached, and he wears shoes with no socks. He has a shoulder where he hides his tools and throwable objects. He has a noticeable mole on his nose.


Norimaro has an unique gameplay in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, he fights without (technically) fighting at all. He is an unable fighter, but he still has potential to fight. He throws various everyday objects at the opponent and some ordinary actions, such as slipping with a banana peel (which acts as his launcher) are part of the attacks. Most of his moves are comical and aren't related to fighting, this makes Norimaro a joke character.

This non-fighting gameplay style wasn't used again until Phoenix Wright was added in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Special MovesEdit

  • Tourist's Treasure: Norimaro panics and turns around, which swings his bag and causes a doll or a school item to fly out, which acts as a projectile. The many items tend to vary, from a protractor to an Akuma figurine.
  • Personal Victory Jump: Norimaro leaps into the air diagonally body first, yelling "Shouryuuken" in what he probably thinks is a deep, serious voice. Works as an anti-air, has some recovery time, but sadly is the weakest anti-air in the game.
  • Fierce Hand Current: Norimaro cries while flailing his arms about while moving forward a distance, then falls over. Is a good move and sends the opponent flying if connects and does multiple hits, but has a lot of recovery time.
  • Banana Slip: Norimaro slips with a banana peel, launching the opponent in the air. This is Norimaro's hard kick and technically isn't a special move, but it has a special feature: if the banana hits the opponent, he will slip as well, and the peel can hit OTG.
    • This move eventually is used once more as a Hard/Heavy attack by Phoenix Wright.

Assist AttacksEdit

Assist Counter Cross-Over
Tourist's Treasure Fierce Hand Current Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure

Hyper CombosEdit

  • Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure (Level 1): Norimaro panics and throws thousands of school supplies and toys out of his bag.
  • Ultimate Grand Champion Jump (Level 1): Norimaro charges and then does a body-first diagonal high jump that hits multiple times.
  • Ultra Variety Private Memories (Level 1): Auto-combo/ranbu super. Norimaro dashes forward, and if this hits, he rapidly switches between a variety of silly poses which recount his memories, such as taking a bath, hiding behind his father, drawing on the floor, flipping an egg, dressing up as Rockman, playing with a teddy bear, being bit in the leg by a dog, playing in a cardboard car, and singing karaoke.

Gallery Edit


  • Norimaro is the first original character to appear in the series.
  • Due to cultural differences, Norimaro was not supposed to be available in any other versions of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and the code that would have him a playable character was actually locked out in the programming if the game was not set to Japanese region. However, ROM files of the game proved that Norimaro was in fact originally planned to be available since all of his dialogue was translated to English. Although not available to be played in the international version without memory editing he can still be seen in the first gallery picture in the game.
  • Norimaro has an unused hyper combo that can be found in the game files. It appears to be an anti-air attack in which a thought bubble appears above Norimaro's head, displaying various Capcom women in seductive poses. He smiles at the thought, but then suddenly suffers a massive nosebleed that sprays violently in the air in front of him. The characters that may appear in his thoughts incude...
    • Chun-Li in an animation involving her getting hit by a sweep, providing an upskirt view of her Quipao.
    • Sakura carrying her shoes while doing a "coy, girlish flirt pose".
    • Cammy kicking via her Cross Sccisors Pressure, providing a view of her buttocks.
    • Morrigan in her victory pose.
    • Felicia panicking.
    • Also included, likely as jokes, are Anita, who is only ten years old, and Zangief (one of his victory poses), who is obviously male.
  • Contrary to popular misbelief, Norimaro's ending was not about stealing Chun-Li's undergarments. Instead, his ending states that he takes over the world, before turning into a tedious subject for history lessons. However, like Thanos' ending in the arcade version of Marvel Super Heroes, his ending is not displayed properly in the international versions, displaying Dan's ending text with Captain America's nametag.

Sprites Edit

Norimaro breath

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