Live House of the Dark Realm

Live House of the Dark Realm

Live House of the Dark Realm is one of the Capcom stages in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. The stage is located on Makai, the primary setting in the Darkstalkers series, and as such is considered Morrigan's home stage.

The stage takes place inside a worn-out live house, with the zombie Lord Raptor playing guitar on the stage while two punk skeletons are headbanging to his music and two skulls in the table are opening and closing their mouths while watching. Most of the area is bare and shows a markedly dilapidated state, such as damaged amp equipment and a guitar on the left side, pieces of broken tables all over the floor and an old, run-down wooden door on the right side. After a full round is over, several small green spirits or "hitodamas" approach and surround the winning fighter.

Morrigan's and Gambit's endings take place in this stage, with the succubus meeting up with Ryu in her ending for a game of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and flirting with Gambit in his ending before he's whisked away by Rogue.

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