Stages from Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.


Set in the wilderness, with several cactus and vultures flying. It has a hut and a cloth line with mexican-style clothes. This stage is available from the beginning.


A park-like setting, the fight taking place near a building with a large clown head and hands moving, with "fun" written in the clown's hat. In the left corner there is a small "Ghost" attraction with a window opening and closing, showing a grim reaper inside. In the right corner there is a merry-go-round with a train moving in circles. Other attractions in the background include a "Ghost House", "Ghost Shop", and a Ferris wheel. This stage is available from the beginning.


Set inside a cave with bats flying around. In the background there is an underground lake, a tombstone, and a monstruous face made of stone. This stage is available from the beginning.

It has an unlockable alternate version that has lava instead of water.


The fighters are above a block of ice being carried by a river. The block has a broken ship stuck on it. There is an aurora in the sky. This stage is available from the beginning.

Its unlockable alternate version is set on a boat.


A rocky area near a river with a watermill, a damaged bridge, and a broken boat. In the background there is a sea with boats occasionally passing by it.

An alternate version of the stage has the bridge repaired, and the tree in the background has peaches growing on it.


Set aboard Ruby Heart's flying ship.

Clock TowerEdit

The battle takes place above the wall from a city. The area's highlight is the clock tower and large bell near the wall.

In its alternate version the place is covered with snow.


Inside a factory.

Final StageEdit

The stage Abyss is fought, a temple-like area. After his first defeat, the temple collapses and the floor becomes green. After his second form is down, the temple sinks further and the stage becomes red like Abyss's third form.

Training RoomEdit

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Main article: Training Room

Available only in the Training Mode. This is a virtual room with blue grids in the floor and green grids in the walls. This stage also appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where it is properly named Training Room.