Kattelox Island

Kattelox Island

"A popular pit-stop for improving robotic parts."
Heroes and Heralds Mode description

Kattelox Island is one of the Capcom stages in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The stage is set on Kattelox Island, the primary location of the first Mega Man Legends game.

The stage is set on a street overlooking a canal with an arch bridge at the distance displaying "KATTELOX ISLAND" on it. Set at midnight, many fireworks can be seen on the sky while the battle takes place. A number of Servbots can be spotted doing various actions, like watching the fight or playing around. Several machines belonging to the Bonne family are present: The Gesellschaft can be spotted flying around the island and a Balkon Gerät can be seen on the right side, standing idle on the water. Moving to the left side of the stage makes a Such Gerät with light displays suddenly come out from underwater, with a Servbot jumping from inside and standing on it. A number of Servbots can also be spotted on the arch bridge, being pursued by police cars. Several old-style buildings make up the back scenery, with the large Ocean Tower visible in the distance.

There's a banner for the Bonne family of air pirates on a wall on the background at the left side, and all three brothers can be seen on the stage. Bon Bonne is floating on the water using a lifesaver with two Servbots on his hands, which he at times juggles around. Teisel and Tron Bonne are aboard the Balkon Gerät, Teisel watching the fight with his arms crossed and Tron sitting with a Servbot next to him. If Tron is in the battle, she is then removed from the background and Teisel will either cheer her on when she hits the enemy or start crying when she is hit/defeated. If the fight involves two Tron Bonnes at the same time, then Teisel will look at them in utter confusion.

Due to limitations, most animations are removed in the PlayStation Vita version, Tron never appearing and Teisel always standing still.

Bonne WonderlandEdit

Bonne Wonderland

Bonne Wonderland

Bonne Wonderland is the stage's alternate version introduced in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This is a winter version of the stage, with the area going through a light snowstorm and fully covered with snow. The water has frozen over with two Such Gerät and the Balkon Gerät standing on it, fully closed down. Servbots can be seen all around, either climbing trees, making a snowman or playing with a snow sled at the arch bridge.

This version of the stage is among the most played stages in competitive tournaments and fights along with Training Room, S.H.I.E.L.D. Airshow, and Danger Room due to the small amount of lag the stage produces.


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