User Deadpool
Hits 1
Damage 70,000
Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack button

Attack light - Strike

Attack m - Soft Knockdown

Attack h - Ground Bounce, OTG


Katana-Rama! is one of the special moves of Deadpool. Deadpool performs a instant slash with one of his two katanas via a jerk-leaning stance on one leg. This move is similar to most 3-way attacks in other fighting games that can be aimed high, mid or low; only it cannot be delayed nor is it a counter/reversal (its command motion is also not a usual one for most 3-way attacks). All versions of this attack can be followed up with Chimichangas!! for a wall bounce.

Attack Power Description
Attack light

Slices 45 degrees above him

Attack medium

Slices straight forward

Attack h Slices downwards


  • During the early scans of the command list for the game, the attack was originally called "Jerky Slash".

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