Judgement Cut
Vergil judgement slash
Judgement Cut
User Vergil
Hits 5
Damage 122,600
Execution Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Properties Projectile, Hard Knockdown

Judgement Cut is one of Vergil's special moves. He takes a step back and cuts the air in front of him through a dimensional rift in a sphere shape, done in iaidou style through a quick draw. This is one of his signature moves from the original Devil May Cry 3.

The strength of the button pressed determines the distance from which the rift appears: Light attacks directly in front of Vergil, Heavy appears about 4/5 of a full screen away, and Medium is right in between. Judgement Cut acts as a projectile, similar to Dormammu's Dark Hole and other moves that judge location (like most SNK Boss characters and such), classifying it as a "remote projectile" attack.

Judgement Cut is great as a defensive attack and as a means of safe pressure. A well-timed Judgement Cut M or H cannot be punished by your opponent unless telegraphed. So long as the sphere makes contact with your rival, they will be hard-pressed to retaliate effectively.

During Devil Trigger, the size of the rift sphere is increased dramatically.


  • Judgement Cut has 5 points of low priority durability, making it possible to stop standard opposing projectiles.
  • You can use Judgement Cut L to end blockstrings safely, such as after guarded standing H or Stinger.

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