"Now you can become one of us."
—Jill's victory quote.

In a radical change from her MvC2 play style, Jill is now a nimble rushdown character with little keep-away capability. Exploiting the full potential of her new moveset primarily requires players to master her Feral Crouch technique, which is similar to She-Hulk's Runner's Start. This technique put her in an enhanced state that keeps her in a low stance and incorporates high-speed dashes and ruthless combo-based offense, but is considered difficult to control and leaves her defenseless. Her Level 3 Hyper Combo, Mad Beast, places her in a much longer period of Feral Crouch, heightening the risks and benefits of Feral Crouch to a much greater degree.

In addition, she can use various command grabs to break a stubborn opponent's defense, such as the heavy attack button that enables Jill to perform a cartwheel flip over an opponent that inflicts no damage, but immediately places her behind the stunned opponent, where her combo potential can be put to good use.


Assist Attacks

Name Type Angle Cross-Over
α Flip Kick Direct Front Machine Gun Spray
β Arrow Kick Direct Front Machine Gun Spray
γ Somersault Kick Direct Tilt Up Machine Gun Spray

Command Normals

Move Name Input
Reverse Roundhouse Left+Attack h
Sickle Kick AS Right+Attack hard

Special Attacks

  • Flip Kick: Jill performs a backflip. After performing this attack, she will automatically go into Feral Crouch mode.
  • Cartwheel Kick: Jill performs a cartwheel. Causes a ground bounce.
  • Arrow Kick: Jill does a kick in mid-air that lunges forward.
  • Double Knee Drop: An aerial attack in which Jill drops straight down from the air.
  • Ensnarement: Jill flings the opponent over her, causing them to swap positions.
  • Fallen Pray: A command grab that can hit OTG.
  • Position Change: A command grab in which Jill jumps over the opponent, causing them to switch sides.
  • Feral Crouch: Jill enters a crouching state and is unable to block while in this state, but grants her access to different abilities. Hitting light attack will cause her to perform a low sweep kick, medium attack will be a leaping kick, and heavy attack is a somersault kick.
Move Name Input
Flip Kick AS QCF+Attack l
Cartwheel Kick AS QCF+Attack m
Arrow Kick AS QCF+Attack hard
Double Knee Drop AirAS QCF+Attack
Fallen Prey AS S+Attack l
Ensnarement AS S+Attack m
Position Change AS S+Attack hard
Feral Crouch Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Special
>Low Sweep Attack l during Feral Crouch
>Jumping Roundhouse Attack m during Feral Crouch
>Somersault Kick Attack hard during Feral Crouch
>Teleport any directions during Feral Crouch or Mad Beast

Hyper Combos

Move Name Input
Machine Gun Spray AS QCF+Attack button 2x
Raven Spike AS S+Attack button 2x
Mad Beast (Level 3) AS QCB+Attack button 2x


X-Factor Boosts Damage Speed
Level 1 125% 115%
Level 2 140% 130%
Level 3 155% 145%

Changes in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  • All attacks float a little higher.
  • Slightly decreased forward moving range of cr.M.
  • Slightly reduced hitbox sizes of all jumping attacks.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Power Grid

  • Intelligence: 2
  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 6
  • Stamina: 5
  • Energy Projection: 1
  • Fighting Ability: 6

Theme Song

Jill Valentine Theme Marvel vs02:41

Jill Valentine Theme Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Jill's theme song is a dance remix of Sad but True, her Boss music from Resident Evil 5.


Marvel vs Capcom 3 Jill Valentine Reveal Trailer01:18

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Jill Valentine Reveal Trailer

Special Quotes

UMVC3 Jill Valentine Quotes (W Eng & Jap Voices)02:50

UMVC3 Jill Valentine Quotes (W Eng & Jap Voices)



Jill Valentine: Your heart rate and body temperature aren't within normal parameters. So if you're not human, what are you? And more importantly, can I trust you?

Blade: Sister, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Instead of running your mouth, you should open your eyes to the real fight in front of us!

(scene then changes to Jill and Blade surrounded by various Marvel monsters.)

Blade: I think you catch my drift. You know what we gotta do, don't you?

Jill Valentine: ... ...Fine. We'll call a truce for now.

Blade: Good. You're smarter than you look.

Jill Valentine: NOW who's running THEIR mouth? Let's take 'em down!


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