Jaw Breaker
Jaw Breaker
User Spencer
Damage 35,000
Execution Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Properties Command Grab, Hard Knockdown

"Party Time!"

Jaw Breaker is one of Spencer's special moves. Spencer grabs his opponent and gives a clean punch in the jaw, launching them into the air. You cannot follow them in the air but you can combo from this. This move can be followed up with Smash Kick or Critical Strike.

Attack Power Description
Attack light A close-up command grab, it has less recovery
Attack medium Longer range, longer recovery. You can follow up with Smash Kick or Critical Strike
Attack h Anti-air command grab. You can follow up with Smash Kick or Critical Strike

Smash KickEdit

Attack h During M/H Jaw Breaker

Critical StrikeEdit

Attack h A certain time during M/H Jaw Breaker

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