Honda's bathhouse 1

Honda's Bathhouse, first half

Honda's Bathhouse is one of the Capcom stages in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. This stage takes place in E. Honda's favorite Japanese bathhouse, Kapukon Yo, a recurring stage first seen in Street Fighter II.

The stage is set in front of the men's bathroom entrance, with several men wearing towels or in underwear cheering on from the background. The room features basic stuff like a locker area and a large banner on the wall resembling the Japanese paiting on Honda's original stage. This stage features an unique element: if either of the players is struck against the right side of the screen enough times, the wall will break and reveal a second area, doubling the stage's total length.

Honda's bathhouse 2

Honda's Bathhouse, second half

The second area is set inside the women's bathroom. It closely resembles the original stage more than the first half, having a pink marble bathtube, shower stands, a large Japanese painting on the wall and a sumo ring on the floor. Six people can be seen cheering on from the background, including Sakura and her friend Kei, the former excitedly jumping and cheering on the fighters and the latter looking at her with embarassment.

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