Helm Breaker
Helm breaker
Helm Breaker
User Vergil
Damage 75,000
Execution Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Properties Hard Knockdown

Helm Breaker is one of Vergil's command normals and Dante's standard air combo finisher input, based off of a move from the original Devil May Cry games where it is a standard falling air combo finisher.

Dante slams down his Rebellion while Vergil slams the Force Edge down to the ground in a slashing drop. This move can be substituted as a air combo finisher in Vergil's case in order to keep the foe to in place via a straight downward plummet for OTG followups, while for Dante it still sends diagonally-downward at an angle, forcing it to be more effective in the corner than in the open.

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