Strange can set up his Grace of Hoggoth glyphs to expand across the screen

The Grace of Hoggoth is easily Doctor Strange's most interesting and most important move in his arsenal to allow him to control a lot of space. When the move is executed, Doctor Strange sets out a floating stationary glyph that interacts with the Flames of the Faltine fireball. There can be up to three orbs on the screen and they will remain there unless they are rearranged, activated by the fireball or Strange is defeated. With Graces on the field, and once the Flames of the Faltine fireball is released, it will track the nearest glyph, striking all other glyphs in play before tracking the opponent. These glyphs come in both red (Medium) and yellow (Low) colors.

Flames of the FaltineEdit

Using this move will cause Strange to conjure a green fireball that travels slowly straight across the screen. It causes low damage and has low durability, but may also be done in the air and has fast start up and recovery. The Flames cannot be used for much by themselves as they are ment to be used in conjunction with the Graces of Hoggoth. Projecting the Flames of the Faltine fireball through the different colors cause different things to occur:

Yellow GracesEdit


Three Yellow Graces create a large beam that will track the opponent

The low version of Grace of Hoggoth produces a yellow glyph. These glyphs will level up the fireball, changing its properties and effect on the opponent:

  • 1 Yellow: The fireball becomes yellow in color, growing faster and more durable. In comparison to the normal fireball, it causes more damage and stun. It also gains a "piercing property", meaning that on hit, it will travel through the opponent to the next glyph.
  • 2 Yellow: The fireball turns red and gains a major increase in speed and hitstun while doing more damage.
  • 3 Yellow: The fireball now becomes a high-speed purple beam that causes the most damage and on hit, the opponent will enter a crumple state. This crumple allows Strange to set up two more graces and follow up with a combo afterwards.

Red GracesEdit


Strange with 3 red graces set-up.

The medium version of the Grace of Hoggoth produces a red glyph. These glyphs cause no change to the fireball itself, instead the glyph the fireball touches will detonate with a small explosion. The more red glyphs there are the bigger the explosion, making it a great way to control the screen or set up your opponent. They also OTG which can lead to extended corner combos.

The Grace of Hoggoth is similar to Dormammu's Dark Spells, however, Strange can rearrange the orb set up to fit his liking. This is accomplished by calling out another orb. When this is done, the orb that was set out first is replaced by the new one.

Yellow Grace of Hoggoth: Arcade Stick QCB+Attack light

Red Grace of Hoggoth: Arcade Stick QCB+Attack medium

Flames of the Faltine: Arcade Stick QCB+Attack hard

Glyphs Set Up Hits Damage Special Properties
Flames of the Faltine 1 50,000 Air OK
1 Yellow 1 80,000 Air OK, Pierce, OTG
2 Yellow 1 100,000 Air OK, OTG
3 Yellow 1 130,000 Air OK, OTG, Crumple
1 Red 2 90,000 Air OK, OTG
2 Red 3 180,000 (90,000 x2) Air OK, OTG
3 Red 4 270,000 (90,000 x3) Air OK, OTG