Funny Face Crusher
Funny Face Crusher
User Frank West
Meter Cost One
Hits 8
Damage ~200,000
Execution AS S+Attack x2
Mashable Yes (Rotate Stick)
Properties Hard Knockdown, Air Grab

"Don't go! Ha-ha! BOOYAH! Hey-ya! That felt good!"
—Spoken during Funny Face Crusher

Funny Face Crusher is one of Frank West's Hyper Combos.

It is only available after Photography Level 3 and it's an anti-air grab attack. Frank puts a Servbot mask onto the opponent's head so they can't see. He grabs them by the legs, spins them around and throws them. As the dizzied opponent gets up, he runs over and slams their face into the ground. You can increase damage by rotating the joystick.

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