Dr Wily's Military Base

Dr. Wily's Military Base

Dr. Wily's Military Base is one of the Capcom stages in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. This stage is inspired by the many secret bases used by Dr. Wily in the classic Mega Man series. This is considered the home stage of Mega Man and Roll.

The stage is set in what looks like an industrial area with several smoking chimneys on the background. The main building is an orange control room with blue glasses next to a small hangar-like area where a Wily Machine with spiked mace-shaped arms is stationed. Dr. Wily himself stands in front of it, walking back and forth and angrily yelling at the fighter with a megaphone. There's a large red "W" painted in the leftmost wall.

There are several Mega Man series enemies featured on this stage: At the left of the screen there are several giant Killer Bombs stored on the wall, with one being carried outside by a crane. In front of them stands Dark Man 1 moving back and forth carrying a damaged sack, with several Baccones and a single Met standing near. At the rightmost area of the stage lies a Metall Potton which has dropped a large pile of Mets under it. Finally, the Mad Grinder can be spotted on a road above the building when super-jumping.

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