Dante's Sword Normals
Dante's Sword Normals


Damage 80,000
Execution Right+Attack h ((U)MvC3)
Right+H punch (MvC:I)
Properties Stagger, Soft Knockdown
Million Stab
Damage 43,900 ~ 47,500

Attack h During Stinger ((U)MvC3)
H punch During Stinger (MvC:I)

Properties Strike on last hit
Stinger Lv 2
Damage 80,000

Right+Attack h During Scat Shot, Cold Shower, Clay Pigeon

Properties Wall Bounce
Prop Shredder
Damage 92,500

Special During Scat Shot, Cold Shower, Clay Pigeon ((U)MvC3)
H punch During Scat/Scatter Shot (MvC:I)

Properties Launch

Originally in (Ultimate) Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Dante Sword Moves are for normals only. Later in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, some sword moves are now part of the special moves.


Stinger is one of Dante's command normals. He charges forward with Rebellion in the same fashion. It is cancellable into Bold Move. The Level 2 version cause Wall Bounce on juggles

  • In (U)MvC3, in order for the Stinger to cancel into special/hyper moves is to use Bold Move when the Stinger hits, and must immediately cancel to special/hyper moves before Bold Move jumping initiates.
  • In MvC:I, Stinger can be cancelled to Hyper moves without using Bold Move.

Million StabsEdit

Milion Stabs is one of Dante’s normals. It cause Soft Knockdown on the last hit. The Million Stabs can be rapid tapped.

  • In (U)MvC3, there are two versions of Million Stabs, one is originally for crouching Attack h, while the other is a Stinger followup
  • In MvC:I, Million Stab is now only as a Stinger followup, and the followup can be done without after the Stinger hits first. Million Stab can only cancel to Bold Move. Before the Million Stabs attack begins, Dante can cancel it into another followup. Some follow-ups like Air Trick and Volcano are based on their original special moves’ normal attack input, except that Volcano has a different normal input than the original, safe for its followup normal attack input Beehive:
    • L punch - Air Trick (same normal button input as its original special move)
    • H punch - Million Stabs Quick (exclusive for this trigger follow-up)
    • L kick - Drive (exclusive for this trigger follow-up)
    • H kick - Volcano (the normal attack input of another follow-up, Beehive remained the same)