Cuttin' Time
Cuttin' Time
User Deadpool
Meter Cost One
Hits 5
Damage 322,800
Execution Arcade Stick QCB + Attack button 2x
Properties None

"Yes. It's cuttin' time! La la la la la. La la la la. La la la."
—Spoken during Cuttin' Time HC. The la's are said to the tune of Marvelous

Cuttin' Time is one of Deadpool's Hyper Combos. Slashes his opponent with both of his two swords in a mad dance-like auto-combo attack. Deadpool rips through his opponent four times before double slashing with both katanas, finishing the attack. The attack's comic book ripping effects are colored red, and looks similar to Sabretooth's "Berserker Claw X".


  • During the early release of the game's command lists, the attack was originally known as "Rock the Ripper" before being changed in the final build.

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