Cobra Strike
Cobra Strike
User Wesker
Hits 1
Damage 100,000
Execution AS QCF+Attack l
Properties Hard Knockdown

Cobra Strike, AKA Senhou Shouda (先崩掌打, lit. "Fore-Crumbling Palm Strike") in Japanese, is one of Albert Wesker's special moves and one of his unique melee attacks in Resident Evil 5, where Wesker brings back his body and performs and explosive stomping palm attack with his leading palm. Unique to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, it emits an eerie purple streak of energy if it connects.

It is a damaging single-hit attack that causes a hard knockdown. If used early enough in a combo, Cobra Strike allows you to pick you to pick up opponents with the OTG-capable low Samurai Edge and continue with more attacks.

New to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is the ability to followup a Cobra Strike into a Phantom Move input. This makes it much easier to get close to your opponent after a hit.


  • If you're not near a corner, simply press Attack l to cancel Cobra Strike to teleport right next to your foe, and follow up with Samurai Edge Low shot.
  • If Cobra Strike is guarded, you can cancel into Phantom Move L or M to move to safety, or Phantom Move H to try to keep your offense going.

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