Chris Redfield returns in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite with the default roster.

Appearance Edit

Chris maintains the same look from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but is noticeably more buff compared to his previous appearance.

Story Edit

88 Days after Convergence caused by Ultron-Sigma, Chris is with other heroes such as Thor, Chun-Li, and X in Xgard (a fusion between Asgard and Highway City) as they fight Ultron-Sigma's forces. Upon discovering that Ultron-Sigma had been capturing Thanos when his half was Ultron in normal Marvel Universe, Chris, Doctor Strange, Chun-Li, Rocket Raccoon and Strider Hiryu operates a stealth rescue mission to rescue Thanos. After Ultron-Sigma arrives and starts fighting off heroes easily, Chris arrives shooting Ultron-Sigma while saving Thor from being brainwashed by Ultron-Sigma, which doesn't affect Ultron-Sigma and only attracts attention to himself, but Chris shows no fear to be blown up by the villainous robot. Luckily, Captain America manage to save Chris, with all heroes escape with Doctor Strange, confirming Thanos' rescue mission is a success, as a mean to lure Ultron-Sigma into engaging the heroes who is outside the rescue mission.

Back in a safer base in Avengers Tower, the heroes make a separate mission to either defend the remaining resistance, or rescuing those whose already being brainwashed like Zero while searching for the remaining Stones (Mind and Soul Stones) scattered across the converged world thanks to Thanos' tips, as the heroes are only possesses the Power and Time Stones, while Ultron-Sigma has the Reality and Space Stones on his body.

Changes in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Edit

  • Gains a Magnum Gun bullet gauge maxes 3 bullets used and can be reloaded.
  • Presumably revamped Combination Punch followups, besides having an increased juggle timing.
  • Grenade Launcher's freezing properties can now freezes juggled opponents properly.
  • to be added

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