Move Name Input
Shield Slash AS QCF+Punch
Stars & Stripes AS S+Punch
Charging Star AS QCF+Kick
Final Justice AS QCF+Punch x3
Hyper Stars & Stripes AS S+Punch x3
Hyper Charging Star AS QCF+Kick x3

Theme Song

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter-Theme of Captain America02:38

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter-Theme of Captain America

Post-Match Quotes

  • Believe in the spirit of your country!
  • For freedom and justice!
  • Freedom prevails!
  • I am like a hero reborn! My victory is inevitable.
  • Liberty and freedom must never perish!
  • MODOK is next on my list!
  • Never stop improving yourself!
  • Rest easy, soldier, your job is done...


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