Move Name Input
Shield Slash AS QCF+Punch
Stars & Stripes AS S+Punch
Charging Star Arcade Stick HCF+Kick
Cartwheel Arcade Stick HCB+Punch
Final Justice Arcade Stick HCF+Punch x3

Theme Song

Marvel Super Heroes OST, T06 - Captain America02:22

Marvel Super Heroes OST, T06 - Captain America

Marvel Super Heroes Music - CAPTAIN AMERICA Winning01:02

Marvel Super Heroes Music - CAPTAIN AMERICA Winning


  • Victory! (round win)
  • Thumbs up, soldier! (round win)
  • Freedom prevails! (match win)

Post-Match Quotes

  • Another victory for the old Red, White and Blue.
  • Back to basic training with you!
  • When you battle America's champions, you're taking on the best.
  • When you fight me, you're fighting my country, and we don't like to lose.
  • Rookie. (win with high energy)
  • The fancy costume doesn't make a warrior. Get some training. (win with high energy)
  • I'm getting way too old for this. (win with low energy)
  • Thanks for the exercise, pal. (win with low energy)
  • There's no substitute for a living legend of World War II. (mirror match)


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