Blue Area of the Moon

The Blue Area of the Moon in Marvel vs. Capcom

Blue Area of the Moon is a stage from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. This stage takes place in the Blue Area of the Moon, a location first discovered by the Fantastic Four. The area is named as such due to the fact photographs of the moon's surface featuring it show it as an unusual blue color compared to the rest of the moon; this is due to the blue color of the buildings in the Dead City, giving the illusion that the part of moon's surface itself is blue.

Description Edit


The Blue Area of the Moon in its first appearance in Fantastic Four #13.

The area is an artificial, Earth-like environment in the Moon containing the ruins of an ancient alien city and the citadel of Uatu the Watcher. The background of the stage contains a number of alien ruins, several shattered head sculptures strewn around, and an old, ragged American flag. The blue planet Earth is visible far away.

Ryu's ending takes place in this stage, where he can be seen training while Ken and Sean comment on Ryu's training, and Ken convinces Sean to ask Ryu to train him as a way to go shopping with his girlfriend Eliza.

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