Bionic Maneuvers
Bionic Maneuvers
User Spencer
Meter Cost One
Damage 304,500
Execution AS QCF+Attack x2
Properties Hard Knockdown

"Ready for this?! So long, sucker! This... IS IT!"
—HC quote

Bionic Maneuvers is one of Nathan "Rad" Spencer's Hyper Combos. A quick combo of punches. Spencer grapples an opponent and delivers a one-two hit. Spencer knocks them off-screen with a bionic uppercut. Airborne, the opponent is grappled again and is smashed into ground, reeled in and pummeled by a finishing blow.


  • You can combo into this move from Armor Piercer, but you must have already used a wallbounce in your combo.
  • This move can also be comboed from Standing H.

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