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Biohazard Rush
Biohazard Rush
User Nemesis
Meter Cost One
Hits 6
Damage 312,400
Execution AS SAttack x2
Properties Super Armor, causes a Ground Bounce

It's one of Nemesis's Hyper Combos. Nemesis swings his fists three times, uppercuts the opponents, then slams them into the ground. This super has full super armor and will blow through any attack except for command throws.


  • This move ends with a ground bounce, So you can X-Factor for a follow up combo, or you can DHC.


  • Biohazard Rush refers to the Japanese name of the Resident Evil Series, Biohazard.
  • The air/comic book tearing effects are bloodish-pink.
  • The reason that he has hyper armor for this Hyper is the fact that if you attacked him while he was in his attacking animation in Resident Evil 3, he would take the blow like it was nothing.

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